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News Archive

Welcome to the news archive. Here you will find details of some projects that JTS have completed in the past.

Customised BM Test Chamber - Pegler

Pegler, a leading manufacturer of taps, valves, fittings and heating products, required a test chamber with enhanced access in order to more effectively test their products.

We built the company a standard BM125 -20 temperature test chamber, modified to include a total of nine cable ports. A purpose built trolley was also included.

BM Environmental Test Chamber

Bespoke Temperature Chamber - Lloyds Instruments

Lloyds Instruments are a leading manufacturer of materials testing machines and software, polymer test instruments and texture analysers.

JTS designed and built a customised temperature chamber capable of operating over the range -70 to +300, for integrated use with Lloyds tensile test machines. JTS continues to provide these test chambers for Lloyds Instruments where the purchaser's requirements include temperature testing.

Temperature Conditioning Units - Ascott

JTS has provided a number of temperature conditioning units (TCUs) and temperature & humidity conditioning units (THCUs) to Ascott, who manufacture corrosion and salt spray test chambers. Our TCUs and THCUs are of polypropylene internal construction to enable effective use with these salt corrosion test cabinets.

temperature conditioning unit

Rain Simulation - Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University's Institute for Environment and Sustainability Research asked us to build a rain simulation chamber, with humidity and temperature capabilities. The chamber has so far been used for investigations into the environmental effects of acid rain on ceramic building materials made from recycled television tubes.


Oven Units - Sondex

Sondex (oil & gas industry) required three oven units with modular extension capabilities. Each oven has zoned temperature control and operates over temperatures ranging from ambient to +300°C. The units were supplied with an enhanced cool down feature, which is achieved by means of ambient air injection.

high temperature oven units

oven units

Temperature Testing Facility - Cameron

JTS was contracted to provide a temperature testing facility for the valves and actuators manufactured by Cameron (oil & gas industry). The temperature range required was -75° C to +180°C (with occasional use at +205°C). The facility consisted of a temperature enclosure (external size 2.8m x 2.3m x 2.3m), temperature conditioning unit (external size 2.4m x 2.0m x 2.0m) and external plant unit. The roof had to be removable by overhead crane, and the upper and lower "zones" of the chamber separately controllable. Other features included over temperature safety, multi glazed high temperature window and oil sump.

Temperature Test Chambers - Pascall Electronics Ltd

Pascall Electronics required nine bench-top chambers, each to have a temperature range of -65°C to +150°C, and an internal capacity of 60 litres. A 6°C/minute rate of change was specified, so each chamber was fitted with a cascade refrigeration system. The customer required bench- standing chambers, so our standard BM design had to be modified in order to accomodate the size of the refrigeration system.

In addition JTS provided two floor standing chambers, each with an internal capacity of 400 litres, and with the same temperature range and rate of temperature change as the BM chambers. The test load was to comprise 4.5kg aluminium, dissipating 2.5kw during dwells and ramp up, but not during ramp down.

These chambers were designed and manufactured during 1999, and we continue to maintain a service contract with the company.

BM chambers during production

BM chambers during production

BM Temperature Test Chamber - Design Environmental Ltd.

The customer required a steady state temperature chamber, running at +15°C for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The required ambient temperature was to vary between +30°C and +40°C, and the chamber was to be operated at 5000ft above sea level. Due to these factors, the BM design was used, but with a special refrigeration system. The test area was defined by the fact that the electronic boards the customer wanted to test would be on a rack he already used. The chamber had vertical airflow to ensure the air was directed through the test rack. Whilst undergoing testing, the items also needed to have a power supply; therefore this chamber was supplied with a power connection within the test area.

BM Temperature Test Chamber - Tellabs Ltd

The customer required a chamber to cover the temperature range -20°C to +150°C in order to test electronic assemblies. Occasionally, the test was to involve a temperature dwell at -20°C when the components could dissipate up to 1750 watts, and due to this the chamber was fitted with an uprated cooling system. An additional cable port was fitted to enable the items under test to be powered up, and the trolley was fitted with antistatic castors. The floor of the test area had to be at a specific height as stated by the customer, and furthermore the weight of the test item meant the chamber floor would have to be reinforced. The chamber was fitted with an over temperature safety system to ensure the test product never reached a temperature that would cause it any damage.

customised BM chamber