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JTS are pleased to offer calibration traceable to national standards. Calibration can be carried out as part of our service contract or as a separate activity.

The frequency of calibration may be determined by company procedures. However to ensure that your equipment is functioning correctly and to its full potential, calibration is recommended at least once per year (preferably twice per year for humidity chambers).

Calibration certificates are issued upon completion, along with a label affixed to the calibrated equipment showing when the next calibration is due.

Calibration as standard is done using a single point instrument, measuring 3 levels of temperature. When calibrating humidity chambers 3 levels of humidity are also measured.

Multi Point Calibration

Because any calibration is only valid at the point where the measurement was taken JTS offer a Multi Point Calibration. This is used in order to establish the distribution of temperature and humidity within the chamber and is usually done using nine points, however as your business is unique, JTS allow you to decide your required points.

Calibration Parameters

Temperature (°C)

We use a Platinum resistance thermometer PT100 or type K thermocouples along with a high quality, multi channel, data logger.

Humidity (%RH)

We use an industrial grade capacitive transmitter along with a high quality data logger.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss calibration, feel free to contact us.