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Standard Range:
Temperature & Temperature/Humidity Test Chambers

BM environmental test chamber FM1 environmental test chamber FMH2 environmental test chamber

We have a standard range of temperature chambers and temperature/humidity chambers. Please note that we always build to order, therefore we are easily able to accommodate variations in the design and running capability. In the tables below, please find listed the sizes of the chambers in our standard range.

All of our standard range include an access port, programmable temperature or temperature and humidity controller with RS232 serial interface and a shelf. A full range of optional extras are available, and we welcome enquiries for anything we haven't listed.

Standard temperature ranges for all models:
-65°C to +150°C
-40°C to +150°C
-20°C to +150°C

(lower and higher temperatures available in most cases)

Standard humidity ranges:
10% to 98%

Bench Standing Test Chamber
Bench Standing Test Chambers
Internal Dimensions (mm)
BM 43 43 litres 350 H x 350 W x 350 D
BM 80 / BMH 80 80 litres 400 H x 500 W x 400 D
BM 125 / BMH 125 125 litres 500 H x 500 W x 500 D
BM 216 / BMH 216 216 litres 600 H x 600 W x 600 D

Floor Standing Test Chamber

Floor Standing Test Chambers
Internal Dimensions (mm)
FM2 343 / FMH2 343 343 litres 700 H x 700 W x 700 D
FM1 420 / FMH1 420 420 litres 750 H x 750 W x 750 D
FM1 560 / FMH1 560 560 litres 750 H x 1000 W x 750 D
FM1 1000 / FMH1 1000 1000 litres 1000 H x 1000 W x 1000 D

BM and FM models: temperature only chambers
BMH and FMH models: temperature and humidity chambers

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